Band Camp

Full Band Camp will begin Friday, August 11th.  Please click on the Pre-Season schedule link below for detailed dates/times for each section, as well as performance dates.  Friday will begin with placement auditions for each section in the hornline and a Full Band meeting will begin at 3:00 p.m. for introductions and instructions on band camp.  Locations will be announced the week of August 1st.  

Note: All rehearsals are mandatory and need approval from James Hudson, Director of Athletic Bands. There is an ONLINE form to submit your request.  An absence is not excused until you get an email from Mr. Hudson.

Pre-Season Calendar COMING SOON!!!! 

Preparing for Band Camp

  • Shoes – All Sun Devil Marching Band members (except Colorguard and Dance Team) are required to order BLACK VIPER SHOES from Director Showcase ONLINE
  • Gloves – Hornline & Drum Majors must order a minimum of 3 pairs of LONG WRISTED WHITE GLOVES (2 for practice, 1 show pair)

**To ensure that you are prepared for the first game, please make sure you have these items prior to band camp.  Please check the website for delivery times so you have it before August 27th.


  • Sign up for Marching Band class online, MUP 461  / (Graduate Students) MUP 561
  • Sign up for Additional Sectional class online (if applicable) Colorguard MUP 461 / (Graduate Students) MUP 561
  • Sign up for Additional Sectional class online (if applicable) Dance Team/Spirit Squad MUP 461 /(Graduate Students) MUP 561
  • Sign up for Additional Sectional class online (if applicable) Drumline/Front Ensemble MUP461 / (Graduate Students) MUP 561 

This is an upper-level class, anyone having trouble getting into the class will need to fill out this LINK to request an override. Follow the directions for the DocuSign and staff will approve you. After staff has approved your request, you will receive an email from the School of Music letting you know the class is open for you to register. Not all Overrides can be done through the band office, here is a list of overrides that we can help take care of: time conflict, course full, pre-requisite, instructor approval. Please place James Hudson as the instructor and his email 

Community Members, please complete the following form here: LINK COMING SOON to register and make your payment.  Please have a credit card ready when submitting this form.  Community member fee is $350 per semester for participation in the marching band (fall) and Basketball band (spring).  

Early Move-in

Early Move In for full-time students living on campus is set for August 8th. I have been working with housing for this date since the 13th is a regular move-in for everyone. The band office will provide your information to the housing office for early move in.  We will confirm this with each person who has requested an early move in on their gold form.  Make sure you have filled out the Gold Form that you need early housing.  If your status has changed just email Brandy DuBose at and we can make the change for you.  If you  

August 8th                   

    • The student is responsible for applying for housing.
    • Band office will provide the list to housing of those students who requested early move in on the gold form (no need to fill anything out)
    • Housing will confirm those submitted by the band office to move in on August 8th
    • Report to the dorm you have been assigned, unless given temporary housing location for August 8th
    • If you have not been assigned a dorm, no worries, just need to know you are living in a dorm and need to move in, based on your 10 digit ID you will be on our list.
    • Meal service will not begin until 8/13, so please plan for meals to be on your own until that date.
    • No moving assistance, however they will have handcarts and other items for you to use.
    • Band office will update any changes week by week until the final cut off August 1st.  Any requests after this date will NOT be guaranteed.

Instrument Rental 

All Sun Devil Marching Band members are required to use an ASU issued instrument. Instruments are available for rent for $75 per semester. Instruments may be rented from the ASU Instrument Rental Office located in Gammage Auditorium, room 205. Instruments will be available for rental during the following dates:

Wednesday 8/9                     8:00AM – 2:00 PM

Thrusday 8/10                         8:00AM – 2:00 PM

Friday 8/11                              8:00 AM – 2:00 PM (expect long lines and delay)

Steps to renting an instrument:

  • Obtain a payment receipt from Gammage Auditorium, GGMA 205
  • Make payment in Student Service Building, Cashier’s Office (2nd floor, South end)
  • Return receipts to Gammage Auditorium, GGMA 205 and sign a Rental Agreement

A student acknowledges that he or she is financially responsible for repairs required beyond normal maintenance of the instrument, case or accessory. All ASU instrument repairs must be performed by an instrument repair technician designated by the School of Music. Repairs on instruments will be handled through the instrument office so please make sure you understand your financial responsibility when needing repairs.

ALL ASU instruments are required to use the cases issued with the instrument.

All marching band instruments must be returned to the instrument rental office by the due date indicated at time of rental, unless renewed for pep band.

A $50 dollar late fee will be assessed to your school account if not returned by the due date indicated at time of rental. If ASU advances to a Bowl Game a second date for return will be announced and the fee will be assessed after that date.

The Rental Office does not sell any accessories such as slide oil, reeds, cork grease, etc. and none will be provided with the rental instruments.

Band Camp Required Materials

  • Instrument
  • Music (distributed during summer break)
  • Water bottle/jug
  • Hat, sunglasses & sunscreen
  • Hornline & Drum Majors
    • 1 pair of BLACK VIPER SHOES
    • Black socks
    • 1 towel for your horn
  • Percussion
    • 1 pair of BLACK VIPER SHOES
    • Black socks
    • 3-ring notebook with plastic page protectors
  • Colorguard
    • Black Jazz Shoes
    • Bodytight
    • Eyelashes, 3 pairs

Placement Auditions

The music for this audition is generally taken from from Pre-Game.  Music will be made available in mid July prior to band camp.  Your section leader will send this to you over the summer.