Dixie Devils

The ASU Dixie Devils are a traditional six-piece dixieland program that performs at all Sun Devil home football games as well as selected basketball and baseball games. Instrumentation is flexible and Devils 1 & Devils 2 have become a staple of the game day experience.

You must be a member of the marching band to be considered for any of these groups.


Gold Form

The Gold Form is the official application for the ASU Sun Devil Marching Band Band Office. All members, regardless of section, must complete this form by the date indicated to be considered for the marching season.


Community Fee/Registration

Each member will be required to pay the fee of $350.00 in order to participate in the Sun Devil Marching Band.  You can pay this fee only online through the our automatied system.  Link will be made avialable in June. 

*once you fill out the form you will be contacted by the leadership choosen in late April to answer any questions you might have as well as be your guide to getting ready for the season.  Leadership will distrubute the music for placement auditions.  The Band Office will assign times for the morning of Wednesday, August 12th, when we start band camp.