Arizona State University Sun Devil Percussion


Fall Auditions 2020


Audition Process

Welcome to our new and modified auditions for the Sun Devil Percussion Section 2020. To safely conduct our auditions we will be moving ROUND 1 of our auditions to a video submission. Submission for this video will be due on AUGUST 10TH, 2020 by 11:59pm. All percussionists will be required to perform three exercises on a practice pad; Eights, 16th Note Timing, and Triplet Grid. The last exercise will be an etude written specifically for your section. 

A successful ROUND 1 will invite you to our ROUND 2 in-person audition at Arizona State University. Round 2 is still yet to be determined based on University guidance.  


Here are the documents for the virtual auditions and other information for each candidate to follow when submiting the materials. 

ASU Audition Pieces

Video Requirements


Any questions please contact Roberto Paz at