ASU Feature Twirler Information

ASU Feature Twirling Auditions 

The feature twirler positions at Arizona State University are among the most prestigious  in the country. The program is open to all styles, but we do require applicants to be  advanced and able to complete certain twirling components present in Round 1, with technical  accuracy. In addition to demonstrating a high level of accomplishment in one, two, and  three batons, applicants are expected to show a high level of performance abilities. 

Auditions are held in the spring with the following requirements: 

Round 1: Video Submission

Unlisted Youtube Video Submissions Due by Feb 

ASU Feature Twirlers not only twirl individually, but as a pair or in a group. The Round 1  provided routines consist of necessary twirling skills required at this time. 

- Link to both videos and Music, please email at 

- Wearing a costume is not necessary, practice clothing is fine. 

- Please also attach a baton twirling bio/ resume to the email submission. 

Email the link of your Unlisted Youtube Video submission of the ASU provided routines to the ASU Twirling Coordinator at and cc  

You will receive a confirmation within 2 business days if your video was able to be  accessed. A few days later, you will be  informed of whether or not you will be moving onto Round 2. 


Round 2: In Person Audition 

In person auditions will be located at Desert Financial Arena in Tempe, Arizona. We are planning to have our in person auditions in late March or April.

This is a closed audition and will include an interview.  You may select your own music for your solo and multiple baton routine.

Please, email your music to and cc before the audition date. 

Individual Performances: 

- Solo (1-baton) routine: 1:30-2:00 minutes 

- Multiple baton routine: 2:00-2:30 minutes


Interviews will complete the audition process.  We will contact you the following  week to inform you of whether or not you will be offered a position as an ASU Feature  Twirler. 

For further information, please contact: 

Cassidy Tse  

Twirling Coordinator and Recruiter 

Sun Devil Marching Band 

Arizona State University 

Contact via email: