Future Members

Thank you for your interest in the Sun Devil Marching Band (SDMB), one of the greatest traditions at ASU! What better way to meet students from virtually every major on campus than to do it in the SDMB band family? We are one of the most visible organizations on campus and provide entertainment for all ASU home football games. Members of the marching band may also participate in Basketball Band in the spring semester. If you like athletics, the Big-12 Conference is one of the finest NCAA conferences in the country.

Our 2023-2024 season was exciting to be able to perform again in Mountain America Stadium. The upcoming season has more exciting opportunities for students to perform at six home games. You do not have to be a music major to perform in a band during college. There is a place at ASU for you to continue performing on your instrument.

While we are sure that you may be concerned about time commitment, it is important we assure you that the SDMB does not take as much time as you may think. We only rehearse six hours per week and you can receive academic credit for your participation in marching band. The Colorguard, Spirit Squad and Drumline rehearse an additional two hours during the week and they receive additional credit for those hours as well.


This form allows the band office to keep track of students interested in the program throughout the season as well as communicate how to prepare for band camp and each week throughout the season.  Once you fill this form out, it allows us to create the database for Early Move Ins (ASU Students), roster for attendance, database for Adidas distribution, provide music for auditions, etc. Please make sure you fill it out the form and if changes need to be made contact Brandy DuBose in the band office at brandy.dubose@asu.edu

Course Sign up

The Marching Band course to sign up is currently an upper level class.  Undergrad MUP 461/ Graduate MUP 561. Because of the upper level course it is required that you will need to get an override to be in the course unless you have 45 credit hours or more.  The Band Office can assist each student in the process to ensure you are enrolled in Marching Band. 

Band Camp

Band Camp will beginning of August and continue practices over the weekends until our first home game.  See Band Camp Schedule Make sure you check out more information on Band Camp on our website.  

Early Dorm Move In

Early Move In date will be prior to the start of band camp, for those full time students who are living in dorms/university housing.  Please make sure you fill out the gold form that you need housing if you are planning to live in a dorm, if you have not be assigned make sure you say yes so the housing knows you are part of the band program. 

Audition Information

ColorguardSpirit SquadDrumline and Twirlers are the only sections of the Sun Devil Marching Band that require a formal audition. Please see information in the respective links above for further details.

The Sun Devil Marching Band does not require a formal audition for entry as part of the horn line (brass & woodwinds), rather there is a placement audition during band camp in August. That placement audition provides as an opportunity for our marching band staff and instructors to determine the best spot for each student within our prestigious horn line.

Audition Music

The music for placement auditions is generally sent out from your section leaders in mid July so you can prepare for the audition.  It usually is the pregame music as well as a marching audition to make sure we put each student in pre-game or halftime shows that best suit their musical ability. The leadership for each section will contact you through the summer and distribute this information. 


The ASU Sun Devil Marching Band offers scholarships to its returning members in the following areas: multiple year awards, drum corps participation, pep band participation, winterguard participation and other various special talent awards. For further information regarding scholarships and eligibility criteria, please contact the band office directly.


Gold Form

The Gold Form is the official application for the ASU Sun Devil Marching Band Band Office. All members, regardless of section, must complete this form by the date indicated to be considered for the marching season.


Community Fee/Registration

Members who are not full time at ASU and attend a community college are considered community members and eligible to participate once they register, show proof of enrollment and pay the fee. Each member will be required to pay the fee of $350.00 in order to participate in the Sun Devil Marching Band.  You can pay this fee only online through the our automatied system.  Link will be made available in May. 

*once you fill out the form you will be contacted by the leadership chosen in May to answer any questions you might have as well as be your guide to getting ready for the season.  Leadership will distribute the music for placement auditions.